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Bokson Boxers are situated in Perth, WA
Owned and run by Brian & Sue Mckie


My husband Brian and I have always had a great love of animals, particularly dogs and so as soon as we were able to purchase a home of our own back in 1973 a puppy and a kitten were purchased and became our family.

Some 5 years later we purchased our first boxer puppy, "Elsa" and she and our daughter, Sara, who was only 9 months old at the time formed a great bond.

In 1983 we decided to breed with Elsa and so, through the breeders directory in the Canine Association of Western Australia’s Canine News we found a suitable stud dog and hence our first litter of boxers were born.  The owner of the stud dog had recently had a litter himself and was interested in showing and so we decided we would also give it a go and so kept one of our puppies and went along to a couple of shows and were of course bitten by the bug.

In 1984 we were lucky enough to be able to acquire a lovely red and white male – Ch Foxfire Khashoggi – “Khash” from Jim Black in South Australia.  Khash was joined a few months later by a pretty young bitch who became Ch Gumbrae Jitterbug – “Jitter”.  These two dogs took the double at the Perth Royal Show in 1984 – Khash taking challenge dog and best of breed and “Jitter” taking challenge bitch and runner up of breed.  Needless to say we had a fantastic day.

In 1985 we were more than fortunate to be able to purchase the pick of litter from Tony & Jo Van Rhoda – Gumbrae Boxers, her name was Ch Gumbrae Duet – “Bonnie”.  During her show career Bonnie attained well over 1000 challenge points which is no mean feat particularly for a bitch, however this was in the days before Grand Champion status was recognised. At the America's Cup Western Classic Championship show in 1987, with international judges, Bonnie was Best Exhibit in Show with an entry of over 1300 dogs.  On the same weekend she took Best Exhibit in Show at the Utility Dog Club Championship Show again under international judges.  At  the first Boxer National in 1988 Bonnie was first in Open Class and went on to take Challenge Bitch and Runner Up in Show. At the second Boxer National some two years later, and with 12 week old pups at home, Bonnie again took the Open Class and Reserve Challenge Bitch.  She was certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Another dog which I need to mention is Grand Champion Residin High Flyer – “Jake”.  This dog was a pleasure to own.  He was a great show dog having won Best Exhibit in Show (all breeds) at the Talk to the Animals Expo in April 1997 under breed specialist, Graeme Missen (group judge) and W Burton (general specials judge).  Jake attained several Best Exhibit in Group and Class in Group awards during his show career including Best Exhibit in Group at the Perth Royal Show in 1997 and Runner Up Exhibit in Group at the Perth Royal the following year.  He was a  loving companion and, along with Bonnie, will always hold a special place in our hearts.  their pictures can be seen on the "Past Page". Over the years we have titled numerous boxers, including many home bred boxer champions.

Our involvement with dogs has expanded into other breeds  having owned exhibited and bred Japanese Akitas, Pugs and now more recently the Griffon Bruxellois.

My husband Brian is the Griffon expert and these little mischief makers are as lively and courageous as the boxer but in a smaller package.  Brian has enjoyed showing these little monkeys for the last 7 years and has been very successful in the show ring having taken Best of Breed at the Perth Royal every year for the 7 years that he has shown them there.  He has also had Exhibit in Groups and many class in group and in class in show awards. 

Although we don’t have as many dogs as we have had in the past we will always have our boxers and griffons as part of our family.  We have lived on our property of some 5 acres for the past 10 years or so and now have quite a menagerie beside the dogs including,  Angel our Siamese cat, a Donkey, a Clydesdale, 4 ponies, parrots and snakes !!! (not the poisonous type).

We hope this has given you a bit of an insight into Bokson Boxers and that you enjoy visiting our website. 


 Brian & Sue Mckie
 Phone: 08 9497 4708
 Mobile: 040 707 0051
 Mobile: 0417 902 648


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